Spots on the Lawn

I’ve seen a lot of spotty lawns recently. Some suffer from neglect – owners who don’t water of fertilize their lawn. Other spots are caused by gophers digging holes. Earlier this summer, we had a mouse make a spot in the middle of our lawn. When my mom grabbed a clump of grass clippings, intending to toss if off the lawn, the clump squeaked. Over the next few minutes we all watched a mother mouse ferry her six or so newborn babies out of the grass-clipping nest and into the bushes. The worst lawn spots are caused by dogs. How I detest those spots!

This summer, we’ve had a fair number of spots on our lawn. The spots come and go, and our whole family enjoys watching them caper around. Photographing the spots has been a tricky business, but I finally scored a few shots worth looking at.

As much as we complain about deer eating our flowers  – and believe me, there are no flowers they don’t mow down – having fawns frolicking in the yard every day has been a real treat. It all started with a doe that seemed to think she owned our lawn. She’d sleep on the lawn in the afternoon sun and browse on the bushes around our yard. In due time, she showed up with a little one. And following her lead, a second doe brought her twins on frequent field trips to our lawn.


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