The Druggie

the druggie

I had a relapse last week. My drug addiction reared up again. For six days I laid on my bed dizzy, disoriented, out of my right mind. Drugs with long and dangerous sounding names, things like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or zinc throat lozenge, found their way into my possession, and I greedily partook of their pain-erasing goodness. Oh the joys of respiratory flu.

This drug binge brought to mind my first experience with drugs. That experience proved far more interesting, because rather than popping pills I actually got to shoot drugs for two weeks. In August, 2012 National Geographic came to Montana and hired my dad as a cameraman for their “Drugs Inc.” television series. I was hired on as a gopher, but before I knew it I’d been given camera, and I was shooting drugs with the pros.

A real cameraman catching a shot for "Drugs Inc."

This is me filming undercover police officers.

We interviewed drug dealers and drug users, followed the police on marijuana busts, observed drug enforcement officers cleaning out a dealer’s impounded car, and even accompanied officers on controlled drug buys. Back at the station we’d examine the contents of the $125 newspaper balls from the buys. A tiny, folded scrap of paper at the center contained a few grains of white powder – less than a gram of crystal meth.

A Photo I Took While Working on Drugs Inc.

A few still photo results of my drug-shooting job can be found here on National Geographic’s website. Also, if you’re one of those with TV reception, keep an eye out for “Meth Boom Montana,” the episode I had the opportunity to work on.


2 thoughts on “The Druggie

  1. you are an awesome blogger.. It seem like you have a great dada and family and I am sure they are very proud. Random Fan from Brooklyn NY. I’ve been Inspire to get – out and Adventure

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